Learn How to Spot a Good French Bulldog Breeder to Purchase From

There is nothing wrong with mixed breed dogs, they can be as loyal and a great companion as any other dogs. But if youíre out in the market for something that you can be sure about in terms of temperament, health concerns, and the precise look of the dog when it grows up, then you should definitely go for purebred. And if you also would like to join dog shows, then you should know that only purebreds are allowed to join. And if youíre like the thousands of Americans today, then you would most likely would want to have a French bulldog as your pet.

Purebred French Bulldogs can be quite expensive. So if youíre going to spend a lot of money to have a great looking, loyal, and playful dog, then you have to be sure that it comes from a good breeder. A reputable breeder will be able to provide you a French bulldog that is very beautiful, but a dog that you know will be able to give you the true experience of owning a French bulldog. But first things first, how do you know if a breeder is trustworthy?

Many breeders have become such because they love their dogs. It is a source of income for many of them but mostly, itís all about their love for that particular breed or several breeds. So, you need to see or discover for yourself whether a breeder is in it just for the money, meaning he skimps on whatever he can to make a profit, or is in the breeding game for the love of dogs. Here are some ways to help you learn this.

Be doubtful of breeders that advertise their puppies. Advertising cost money, so they are probably skimping on other costs, like maybe important health tests. And when the ads declare that their puppies are from champion lines or are sired from dog show champion parents without showing which pedigree it is, then be wary about that breeder. Do not be persuaded either by ads of breeders that boast of certification from the American Kennel Club.

And if youíre in the market for a pure bred French bulldog because you may want to enter it into a competition, then donít go to a breeder that sells puppies with a rare color. Although it may be enticing to have a unique French bulldog, rarely are they qualified for competitions. Also, extreme sizes, either too small or bigger than normal, should not be bred, they can throw off the balance of the purebred line.

Reputable breeders share all information about their dogs, they even show it in their website. All photos and pedigrees are posted and all health concerns are shown as well. In fact, reputable breeders oftentimes enter competitions to show their dogs. This means that the dogs are very well cared for and they have great concern in maintaining the integrity of the breed.

And finally, but definitely not the last aspect in defining a reputable breeder, a breeder should always have tests for the health of their litter. They should let you know of the line has any recurring health concerns and should provide a guarantee or warranty that your French bulldog is healthy.


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